Frequently Asked Questions

We’re hear to answer all your questions. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on our website, feel free to email us at

Why book Beyond Soul Music?

The Beyond Soul team delivers quality music from classically trained musicians and talented vocalists that truly supersedes the traditional music experience. 

Does Beyond Soul Music have insurance?

Yes. Should the venue ask for proof of insurance, this can be supplied to the couple to show to their venue.

Is a deposit required?

Since most weddings are booked six months to two years in advance, a 50% deposit is required to secure the date.

What happens if the musicians or singers become sick and can’t make it?

The Beyond Soul team has a network of talented musicians that they work with. Other professionals can be called upon in the event that there is a sickness or an emergency.

How long does Beyond Soul Music stay?

The Beyond Soul team arrives one hour prior to the ceremony for set up, sound check, and a rehearsal. They leave after the ceremony is over. 

Can a couple choose any type of music that they wish?

If this is a non-secular ceremony, certain songs may or may not be permissible depending on the church that the couple is getting married in. The Beyond Soul team is happy to communicate with the church director to inquire for what can be allowed.  We will offer  other musical options to couples that will enhance their experience and make it memorable.

Does the Beyond Soul team bring their own equipment?

The Beyond Soul team brings everything needed for a successful musical experience. This includes microphones, amps, keyboards, music stands, sheet music, etc. 

How can we contact Beyond Soul Music?

To inquire with Beyond Soul Music, please email

Our Beyond Soul Music team will get back to you quickly, and from there you can set up a virtual meet to discuss your wedding ceremony music and all other details and questions. 

We will discuss different song options with you, and help guide you in what instruments would work best with your song choices. 

Embrace Your Unique Sound: Let’s Craft Your Dream Experience

Immerse yourself in the symphony of possibilities! From selecting enchanting melodies, choosing instruments, and tailoring genres to your preferences, we will help you to compose your dream experience from start to finish.